To Be Certain; Questions of Faith

“What can we know? everything. But with how much certainty? None.” One thing I really love about Christianity, is that it is okay – even encouraged, to ask questions. the best way I understand to explain what this quote means to me is by giving a (probably poor) example: Say, someone is to give you […]

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24 and So Much More 🎂

As tradition in Switzerland, on YOUR birthday it is custom to bring a presentation of some sorts to your workplace; usually some sort of baked good. I really wanted to honoured all the Swiss people at the base by doing this and I realized there was so many positive attributes attached to this mentality. By […]

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Little Miss Blogger

I’ve decided that I’m going to take my blogging in spurts. No more 5 hours of sitting down and typing an essay. I’m trying to lead a more balanced and Christ-focussed life. So, let’s try 30min-1hr per day. There are many things I’ve mentioned that I would love to write about; but, when do I […]

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The Fall of Man

In the beginning, there was a man named Karl. He was a strong independent man of God. However, a time came for this young man’s and his team’s faith and endurance to be tested… January 17th, 2019 Day of the Accident Shelby’s Journal excerpt: January 18 Yesterday. Was. A. Gong Show! It was our day […]

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Departure into Last Week

Because I really love you guys, I decided to write a quick update of prayer request for the last week of Lecture Phase in Spain and some basic information that will be helpful for you. Thankfully, an emotional melt down didn’t quite happen today (phewf). But I was close. Packing, deep cleaning our rooms, making […]

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Boy Problems 🤦🏻‍♀️

So, it may be frowned upon me sharing these intimate details of what has happened amongst our leadership team but, hey, this is where I share my life and how I stay connected with my friends and family. I share my experiences to relate, encourage and inform to enable you guys to pray for me […]

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